High level planning session

Yesterday was a great day! Responsible parties from construction, electricity, lighting, plumbing, administration and project management all met up to outline a high level plan of how to in fact – make this project happen IRL.

It turns out that our countless hours, days & months of mangling plans, digesting inspirational input and turning every detail inside out have indeed paid off: Craftsmen were very happy with our efforts, and in are all quite content it’s all doable within a foreseeable future. We are still awaiting the adequate permits from City Hall, but the wheels are in motion and we’re trying to make sure as much as possible is properly carried out on paper before actual work begins.

Next step – hammering out color schemes, floor materials, lighting fixtures, access points for Internet & electricity… For every new stone being overturned, new exciting tasks emerge. We’re not slowing down. In fact, we’re cranking it up…! Brace yourselves, folks. CoSpace is coming!

Categories: News, Planning

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