Red Chair Workroom, Austin, Texas

OK, like my business partner Anders frequently utters: “You know we’re not building our coworking space in Chicago, New York, Berlin, Oakland or any other place where you in fact can source an old, abandoned warehouse and turn it into a killer office…” and indeed, right he is. Instead, one must look at what we have, what’s available and proceed making the most out of that. So what’s our starting point? Let’s see:

  • 1 awesome, 300+ m2 space in the center of our beloved hometown
  • Complete lack of mental boundaries
  • A killer landlord & construction company, ready to step out of the traditional norm box
  • A great palette of influences, references, knowledge and connections

The work has now begun turning above points into a workable plan so that furniture, interior details & equipment can be sourced and the construction company eventually and other creative individuals can turn it all into reality.

Having traveled the world working in places like these for many years, I humbly believe that I personally have a pretty good idea of what we’re trying to make. We want the space to be modern, fresh and exciting – without getting snooty, excluding or in any way intimidating. CoSpace Borlänge should be a place for everyone.

Top image on this page is not actually from a coworking space, but an architectural resource center for creative office spaces named Red Chair Workrooms in Austin, Texas. It pretty much captures our vision of a fresh, inviting workspace for the modern digital nomad & entrepreneur. Below, find a few more snippets of coworking space inspiration. Let’s see how we’ll spin it 🙂 Happy New Year, y’all!

Categories: Planning

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