The Whole Nine Yards

Measuring becoming an obsession: Measure. Redo. Measure. Rethink. Damn. That Leica laser gizmo sure has been a God sent. How much space is actually required for our various coworking rental plans?

Things can look absolutely fabulous on paper; make perfect sense and in your own, tiny confined planning mind – be just about perfect. Once you get the desk, chair, drawer set and various other items into the space you’ve staked out for an office or dedicated desk… things have a tendency of looking quite different.

The luxury aspect of the Cospace project, however, is the fact that we have indeed been given the grace of time. As we await the nitty gritties to fall into place, the bureaucracy wheels to grind and at least the majority of the planets to align – we have had the time to do just that: Measure. Redo. Measure. Rethink. And it’s paying off. We now have a floor plan that works, we have optimal spaces that will deliver and we have a communal flow that will support our tenants’ patterns. In conclusion – One can never do too much measuring.

Tune in in 6 months to see if it turned out we were just being cocky… or if we indeed got it right.


Categories: Planning

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