Arbor Café, Oakland

Arbor Café on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland is not exactly a coworking space as per definition, but I thought it was worth mentioning as the café, which serves coffee, regular and alcoholic beverages along with a wide array of food still seems to be revolving around the main seating area which predominately is occupied by people working.  Laptop screens glare in every corner of the space and there’s a great vibe mixing with the scents from the kitchen and food prep area.

As this is indeed a café and not an outspoken coworking site, it doesn’t have any amenities for coworking such as printers, meeting rooms, cafeteria/shared kitchen etc. but it still makes an awesome spot for getting some good work done in a social environment.

  • Superior location smack in the middle of Oakland
  • Great atmosphere
  • Exceptional selection of food & drinks
  • Not a traditional coworking space = no amenities

4210 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

Categories: Coworking spaces, Research

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