Microsoft Flux, Helsinki

My Friend Deneb Pettersson took me to a really nice place today: Microsoft Flux in Helsinki KICKS ASS in more ways than one. Some of you might not appreciate the fact that it’s built, sponsored and run by Microsoft but for all the open minded individuals out there – how does FREE coworking space, FREE lectures and a FREE maker space sound? And yes – you are still allowed to use a Mac here.

Microsoft Flux is “A community space for startups to network and explore their business ideas.” Plenty of entrepreneurial startup action goes on here but it’s also a spacious, modern, creative and pulsating coworking space with tons of work being done in all of the many hangout and work areas found here.

Mohammad Bakharzy is one of the great guys on staff and he gave us the grand tour of the spaces, explaining the uniqueness of the project and what a great facilitator and enabler it has been to the Helsinki startup climate:

“There’s always some interesting lecture going on, and we have speakers coming from all over Europe; even further sometimes. People mingle, share project ideas and many new companies and outfits have been born here. Crazy though is that all the digital, online, wired buzz aside – by far most of all work being contracted and offered through Flux actually passes through our post-it board!”

  • FREE
  • Great, modern, open and dynamic coworking areas of great variety
  • Maker space on site
  • Lectures
  • Startup catalyst services
  • Central location
  • For some of you, the fact that this is a Microsoft sponsored outfit might be a problem

Korkeavuorenkatu 35
00130 Helsinki


Categories: Coworking spaces, Research

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