Getting glass-eyed

Yeah, there’s really no other way of putting it: 18 months of planning, rethinking, starting over, measuring twice, three times, eight times…  Even when the REAL architect firm approved our flimsy, homemade drawings with just a couple of minor adjustments to the major plot, we’d somehow never could have anticipated CoSpace coming together in this overwhelmingly professional and organized manner.

As you can see, the glass sections are now being erected and actual offices coming to life. And as an additional, glorious cake icing, we just rented out or final “Private Office” lot. That’s right folks, all our Private Offices are claimed, 5 weeks before our Grand Opening. It tells us, in a humble yet somewhat brag-worthy fashion that we must have done at least something right over these last 18 months.

We still have dedicated desks and hot desks available though, and we’ve put a waiting list together for our private offices to serve future tenants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Welcome to CoSpace. We hope you’ll like it here!

Categories: Construction, Interior

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