Moving forward

A most skilled and out-of-the-box minded crew, along with the sometimes flimsy and reality-defying requests & visions from the customer is making great progress on the CoSpace property. Walls are coming up, electricity implemented, holes for sewage and water being drilled through the concrete floors and drywall gradually covering the different sections… it’s a great place to be!

Our vision has since the early days of planning been “Industrial & modern without being uncomfortable, obtrusive or excluding”. We’re getting there, slowly but surely. A REAL architect has even scrutinized our drawings and plans and reached the conclusion that we have most of it down to a tee – a few minor adjustments to our layman attempts at architectural drawings, but nothing serious.

It’s really great to see this project emerge in front of our very eyes. Stay tuned people, more updates coming soon!

Categories: Construction

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